Complaints Procedure

I make every effort to ensure my customers are happy with the services received from David Lancini Electrical Limited. In the unlikely event of disappointment, the following complaints procedure should be followed in order to effect a speedy and amicable outcome.

The Informal Procedure
As a registered member of NICEIC, I am required to keep a complaints file for my business. This is checked on a yearly basis as part of my annual assessment, in order to check that I am handling any complaints correctly and in a timely manner. I am pleased to say that my complaints file has remained empty since I first became registered, and I intend for it to stay that way. Needless to say, the following outlines the process of submitting a complaint to me.

Step 1 – Notification

If your complaint is to do with the quality of my workmanship or the goods that I have supplied, then a claim can be made under my guarantee. I will take every step to put it right quickly and to your satisfaction. However, if you want to pursue a complaint regardless of my guarantee, then in the first instance you should notify me in writing via email.

Step 2 – Logging & Investigation

Once your complaint has been received, it will be logged in my complaints file and an acknowledgement email will be sent to you. An investigation will be performed within a week, and if necessary a site visit will be scheduled with you.

Step 3 – Closure
If your complaint is deemed to be justified, then remedial action or compensation along with a timescale for resolution will be agreed via email between all parties and signed off. Once the agreed remedial work or compensation has been completed, an email will be sent to confirm the closure of the complaint and the complaints file will be updated accordingly.
If the complaint is deemed to be unjustified then an email explaining the reasons for rejecting it will be sent and the complaints file updated to show the complaint has been closed.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Where I am unable to resolve your complaint using the business complaints procedure above, the business has access to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for our domestic installation, service, repair and maintenance contracts as part of the Which? Trusted Traders Endorsement. If you choose to, you can refer your complaint to Which? Trusted Traders’ Alternative Dispute Resolution. You will need to contact Which? Trusted Traders on 02922 670 040 who can explain if you are eligible to use their Alternative Dispute Resolution.