Consumer Units

The main point for an electrical installation in any property, they’re often called fuse boards, distribution boards or consumer units.

These metal or plastic boxes house important parts of your electrical installation to protect you, your family and your home and its contents. Read on below for more information.


A basic consumer unit, will at the very least have protection for overload and fault protection on its outgoing ways, whereas a newer more advanced consumer unit is likely to have a plethora of protection devices from overload protection, to fault and surge protection.

Testing & Inspection

As our consumer units get older, it's important to make sure any wiring is in good condition. Deteriorating cable can be a cause of various issues, including a worst case scenario of a fire.


If you have an older style consumer unit, and you want some advice about whether or not to have it upgraded, please get in touch using the contact details. I'm happy to advise and guide you through the process of having this fairly simple task undertaken.

Do you need a new consumer unit?

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